Planning Department

Planning Department Mission Statement

The Planning Division oversees development, annexation proposals, zoning requests, and site-specific development projects.  The Division is responsible for creating, reviewing, and administering plans and studies that provide a framework for the future of Berthoud. 

The Development Code establishes the regulations and standards governing the use and development of land within the Town of Berthoud. The purpose of the Code is to create a vital, cohesive, well-designed community in order to enhance the Town's character and further the citizens' vision, goals and objectives as identified in the Town of Berthoud Comprehensive Plan. Below is a link the Town's Municipal Code.  

Berthoud Development Code
Zoning Map - Updated 2/1/2024

Recent Updates to the Municipal Code for the Town of Berthoud may be found at the following link(s):
Chapter 30 - Berthoud Development Code Redline Updates as of 01/31/2024