Community Calendar Guidelines Community Calendar Guidelines

1. Use of Town Media shall be limited to announcements and notices of Town Events and Town-Sanctioned Events. A Town Event or Town-Sanctioned Event is an event that is either (a) wholly or partially funded by the Town or (b) organized by a charitable organization primarily for a charitable purpose that substantially advances a policy or goal supported by the Town’s Board of Trustees and provides a civic benefit or serves the interests and needs of the Town and its residents, as determined at the sole discretion of the Town. 

2. No announcements or notices of private events are allowed on any Town media. A private event is one that is not funded in whole or in part by the Town, is not open to the public, and does not result in a local civic benefit to the Town. This includes any event that is not open to the public, regardless of the purpose.

3. No announcements or notices of commercial events are allowed on any Town media. If an event has commercial sponsorship but is otherwise eligible for posting to the calendar, the name of the commercial sponsor(s) may not be used on or in any display on any Town media.

The Town of Berthoud reserves the right to deny any request deemed offensive, controversial, or otherwise inappropriate.