Sidewalk Cost Share Program

  1. Program Background
  2. How it Works
  3. Getting Started

The Berthoud Municipal Code (Chapter 15.11) states that property owners are responsible for the repair or construction of sidewalks adjacent to their property.  Any such construction or repair must be consistent with any construction standards set forth by the Town of Berthoud. Sidewalks must be in good repair with an even surface and conformity with the established grade of the streets along which they are constructed.  

The Town of Berthoud has implemented a new Sidewalk Cost Share Program to assist residents with the cost of replacing sidewalks.  The program is open to all single-family residential property owners within the Town limits of Berthoud.  

Multi-Family, commercial, and industrial properties are not eligible for this program.  Please also keep in mind that any sidewalks that are a part of private street network maintained by a metro district or HOA are not eligible for reimbursement.