Pets in Parks and Open Spaces

The Town of Berthoud has many parks, open spaces, and trails for residents to enjoy and recreate.  Pets are allowed to accompany owners in these spaces, provided that pets are under control of their owner in accordance with the Municipal Code.  

A Few Things to Remember When Recreating With Pets

  1. All animals, except domestic cats, shall be kept under leash control by the keeper of the animal when not on the property of the owner. Leashes must be no more than six feet in length or a retractable leash and shall be of sufficient strength to safely control the animal, regardless of the type of leash.
  2. While within designated off-leash areas, any animal shall be within sight and command control of its keeper at all times if not under leash control. 
  3. The animal's human is responsible for picking up and disposing of any waste left by pets.

Parks That Allow Off-Leash Activities 

The following parks permit dogs to be off-leash for exercise:

  1. Fickel Park 
  2. Berthoud Town Park and Fields
  3. Pioneer Park 
  4. Bein Park 
  5. Roberts Lake 
  6. Collins Park
  7. Berthoud Dog Park

Being a Good Neighbor 

When they need to go, they need to go!  When walking your pet in residential neighborhoods, it's important to be considerate of landscaping in private yards.  Carrying bags to pick up solid waste and a bottle of water to dilute urine can help to avoid damaging your neighbor's landscaping.  Dog urine can add high concentrations of nitrogen to the soil, which causes brown spots in grass and can kill plants. While it is best not to let your pet wander onto private property, being prepared can help you maintain a good relationship with your neighbors. 

Municipal Code

To read the animal leash laws in full, please visit the Berthoud Municipal Code
To read the law on animal waste removal, please visit Berthoud Municipal Code 18.5-5.