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Shred Shed

The Berthoud Bike Park is now open to the public.

The Grand Opening has been postponed due to weather, however the bike park is now open to the public. 

Located at 1223 Meadowlark Drive, the 20-acre Berthoud Bike Park features two extensive jump/flow lines, a quarter-mile dual slalom track, one mile of XC mountain bike trails, a bicycle playground, and an approximately 20,000 sq ft Velosolutions pump track.  

For trail conditions and closures, please visit the Berthoud Bike Park Facebook page.

The Berthoud Bike Park is managed and maintained by the Trees and Parks Departments. The Town reserves the right to close the park at any time. The safety of our users is our number one priority, as is protecting the sustainability of our park. The Town monitors and enacts trail closures when conditions are present that pose safety issues for users and/or facilitate the degradation of tracks and trails. Staff will enact closures if the following criteria are met: 

  • wet/muddy conditions present
  • snowy/icy conditions present 
  • maintenance operations 
  • Town-permitted special events 

Site characteristics pose several challenges that can often cause or prolong trail closures, including soil type, slope, and sun exposure. Clay soils, which tend to drain slowly, dominate the site and can result in the puddling of water. 

Just because the trails may look dry from the road, this may not be the case on key sections that are shaded from the sun. Ignoring closures will prolong the length of time necessary for the closure. Please help do your part, respect this resource, and have patience until the Park and its trails are safe to open.

Image: The Shred Shed  

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