Greenlawn Cemetery

Greenlawn CemeteryGreenlawn Cemetery is located in Larimer County, at the corner of County Road 1 and Highway 56, one mile east of the Town of Berthoud. It is a public cemetery managed by the Town of Berthoud, with the records maintained by the Berthoud Town Clerk and Deputy Town Clerk.


The cemetery is divided into sections.

Upright Section

There are no plots available for sale in the upright section.

This is the oldest section of the cemetery, located closest to Highway 56, and the only section where upright markers are allowed.

Flat Marker Section

The flat marker section is immediately north of the upright section and extends to the cemetery's northern boundary.

  • The purpose of the flat marker section is to reduce the cost of maintenance.
  • No permanent memorabilia is allowed.
  • No plantings are allowed.
  • No artificial flowers
  • No potted plants
  • No statues
  • No vases
  • Memorabilia can be placed on the flat marker from October 1st to March 31st.
  • Memorabilia can be placed three days before Memorial Day to the third day after Memorial Day.
  • We are not responsible for returning any items left beyond three days after the Memorial Day Holiday or anything left after March 31st.
  • Fresh Flowers can be placed on a gravesite if they can be swept in the grass and mowed over.


The Town of Berthoud has two columbarium units with 48 niches. Each niche can be purchased for a single cremains, or we allow two cremains per niche. Please call to get the size requirements for the urn that will be placed inside the niche. In addition to the cost of purchasing the niche, there is a charge for the plaque that identifies the cremains within.


Berthoud Cemetery SignThe cemetery was originally purchased by three of the town's early settlers, Davis Baxter, Lewis Cross, and John Kerr. When the lots were put up for sale, the price was $10 for a block of ten burial sites. The first burial was that of Ms. Virginia Kerr, who died in 1870. The Town of Berthoud assumed ownership of Greenlawn Cemetery in June 1905.