Open Records

The Town of Berthoud processes all Open Records Requests in compliance with the Colorado Open Records Act.

In general, all Town records are public records, regardless of the form (paper or electronic) unless specifically exempt. Exemptions include most police records, most personnel records, detailed sales tax data, real estate appraisals, customer information, memos from the Town Attorney's office and other privileged information.

Many records are available to the public online via the Document Archive. Public meeting documents are available in the Agenda Center

Request Public Records Online

To submit an open records request, please visit our online Public Records Portal.  Click on the Request Records button below to submit your request to review public records. 

Colorado Open Records Act Records request (2)

Alternatively, you may complete the Public Records Request Form (PDF) and return to Town Clerk at Town Hall or email it to the Town Clerk.

Recommendations to Assist With Your Request

  1. Be specific about which records your wish to review
  2. Contact the department directly to see if they have the records already available
  3. Provide a date range for your request
  4. If filling out a paper form, print legibly in blue or black ink
  5. Talk to staff prior to filling out a request, so staff can help you draft the appropriate request language
  6. Search our website for information already available
  7. Search the online municipal code for specific legal provisions you may be seeking
  8. Feel free to follow-up with the Clerk's Office or a specific department about the status of your request
  9. If you don't receive a response to a request you've submitted by email within three business days, please call the Clerk's Office to verify your request did not get caught in the City's Spam filters.
  10. If requesting paper copies of records, you are welcome to review the response and only purchase those pages you wish to take