Green Lawn Cemetery

The Green Lawn Cemetery is located in Berthoud, Colorado, at the corner of County Road 1 and Highway 56. The Town facilitates the maintenance and plot sales for the cemetery. The cemetery was originally purchased by three of the town's early settlers, Davis Baxter, Lewis Cross, and John Kerr.  The Town of Berthoud has operated the Green Lawn Cemetery since June of 1905.

Plot Availability and Sales

Plots are currently available to purchase in the north portion of the cemetery.  Please view the Available Plot Map to view plot availability.  Additional information is available below by opening each drop-down tab. To verify availability of specific lot(s), please contact us.  

To view an overall map of the cemetery, please see the Green Lawn Cemetery Map.  For more information or to purchase a plot, please contact us or use our online fillable owner certificate information form Owner Certificate information.

Cemetery Plot Information 

The cemetery has plots available to purchase within the north portion of the cemetery. Please see the Available Plot Map to view plot availability. Flat markers are permitted in the north portion of the cemetery. Upright markers are only permitted in the south portion of the cemetery.   

Full plots can accommodate each of the following types of burials:  

  • Full body
  • Full body and up to two cremated remains vaults 
  • Up to three cremated remains vaults 

Half plots can accommodate one cremated remains vault or an infant burial.  Half plots may not be combined for a full plot burial.  

Cemetery Plot Fees

Full Plot - Resident $1,550
Full Plot - Non-Resident$1,750
Half Plot - Resident $460
Half Plot - Non-Resident $500
Interment - South $1,275
Interment - North$1,265
Interment - Half Plot$320
Interment - Cremains in Plot$615

Restrictions - North Portion of Cemetery

  • Memorabilia may be placed in the north portion of the cemetery from October 1st to March 31st.
  • Memorabilia can be placed three days before through the third day after Memorial Day.
  • The Town not responsible for returning any items left beyond three days after Memorial Day or anything left after March 31st.
  • Fresh Flowers can be placed on a gravesite if they can be swept in the grass and mowed over.
  • No permanent memorabilia, plantings, artificial flowers, potted plants, statues, or vases are allowed in the north portion of the cemetery.