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Berthoud Town Park

After almost 100 years of serving the Berthoud Community, the Town's oldest park is now under construction. Included in the 2018 Master Plan and updated in 2022, Phase I of the renovation has started and is anticipated to take up to 14 months to complete. 
This phase is the park area west of the ballfield and will include a Splash and Play park and an inclusive ADA-accessible playground. To maintain the feel and character of this historic park, our goal is to save as many of the trees as possible during construction.
During construction, there will be no access from the park to Ivy Stockwell Elementary School.
Click here to see the most recent available version of the plans for Berthoud Town Park

Click here to see the original 2018 Berthoud Recreation Center and Parks Master Plan.

Town Park - PlaygroundTown Park - Structure