Right-of-way Permit

The Town of Berthoud regulates the installation of public utilities within the Town's public right-of-way through a permitting process. Public right-of-way means a strip of land acquired by reservation, dedication, forced dedication, prescription, or condemnation and intended to be occupied by a road, crosswalk, bike path, alley way, railroad, utility easements, electric transmission lines, oil or gas pipeline, waterline, sanitary storm sewer, and other similar uses; generally, the right of one to pass over the property of another. 

Right-of-way (ROW) Permits are required prior to any work activities or temporary obstructions, including temporary storage containers or pods, within the public right-of-way and/or Town utility easements or that will directly affect the traveling public.  Applications must be submitted digitally (handwritten, scanned not accepted). Questions? Call 970-344-5816 during office hours Monday-Thursday 7:00AM to 5:30PM or Email Right-of-way. (rightofwaypermit@berthoud.org)

ROW Permit Application
In accordance with the Town's permitting requirements, work done on public right-of-way areas (including utility easements) or that impacts the traveling public requires a ROW Permit, Traffic Control Plan(s), Description of Work, and Certificate of Insurance.

PRIOR to submitting your ROW Permit, the following are required

  1. Schedule utility locates before digging / excavation. 
  2. Obtain an approved Certificate of Insurance (COI), and if required a bond equal to the value of the work being performed. The COI must contain the following to be approved:
    (1) Certificate Holder section:  "United States, Town of Berthoud, 807 Mountain Ave, Berthoud CO 80513"  and
    (2) Description of Operations section:  "Town of Berthoud, its officers and employees as “Additional Insured” on general liability with respect to operations of the named insured for the certificate holder as required by written contract and or permit."
  3. Prepare Traffic Control Plans, for work that impedes public utility easements and right-of-way areas, normal flow of vehicular and bicycle traffic and or disrupts pedestrian walkways, and if necessary, developed by a certified traffic control company.
  4. Obtain a Colorado Department of Highways (CDOT) Special Use Utility Permit, and other regulatory applications and or permits as required, if project impacts a state highway and or county road within the Town limits.  
  5. Scope of Work (description of work, construction methods, equipment and operational procedures) and if required construction plans. If not enough space in the permit, this can be submitted by email with the permit.

Application must maintain its fillable features at all times. Handwritten, scanned, or printed will not accepted
3 Easy Steps, and here's how:

1) Click to open the fillable Right-of-Way Permit Application & Provisions (PDF) form 

2) Edit the form online* or download, open the file and complete the form. Be sure to download the file using Save As to create a New file and Name the File using the project address and Company name (ex. ROW-123 Main St-Company Name). 

3) Email and include the following attachments to Email Right-of-way (rightofwaypermit@berthoud.org);

  • Traffic Control Plan(s). These provide procedures to be implemented to manage potential hazards associated with the traffic environment during the project. The objectives are to ensure the safety of construction workers and the public.
  • Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  • Scope of Work is the description of work and methods, and depending on the project, may include Construction Plans.
  • If applicable, the Colorado Department of Highways (CDOT) Special Use Utility Permit or regulatory applications or permits.

*Note, some browsers or applications may compress the form and remove the fillable features. If this happens use another browser or PDF application to maintain the fillable features.

How long does it take?

  • Once all required documents are received, the Town requires up to 10-work days for review and approval of the permit.
  • ROW Permits are issued after the application fee is paid in full upon receiving an invoice by email with payment instructions.