Preliminary Conference & Technical Review

The Town of Berthoud requires all development proposals to attend a Preliminary Conference and/or Technical Review Committee meeting prior to submittal and/or before moving forward in the development review process.

This meeting will help to assure that the developer and the Town are working together toward a result that meets both the developer's vision as well as the Town's. It also helps to avoid code and design issues after the project has started.

Preliminary Conference / Technical Review Committee Meetings

Held every Thursday morning from 9 am to Noon at Town Hall on the 2nd floor. The Committee will be composed of Community Development Staff, Utilities Director, and Engineer. The Economic Development Manager, Town Administrator, and the fire district will also be invited with the option to attend.

The deadline to be scheduled for the committee and submit any required information and / or plans will be noon on the Thursday prior to the meeting.

Preliminary Conference Meetings

Applicants are expected to provide an address and/or parcel number, and any other conceptual materials they are able to provide.

Technical Review Committee (TRC) Meetings

Once a project is in process and comments from all agencies have been received by the Community Development Staff, a meeting is required to discuss revisions/comments, next steps, and the prospective public hearing schedule. All development representatives must attend the Technical Review Committee Meeting.

Note: Comments made at the TRC meeting are non-binding and informational in nature and shall not constitute or be relied on for approval.