Tips for Saving on My Water Bill

  1. High Water Bills
  2. Ideas to Help Find Water Leaks
  3. Additional Water Conservation Tips

High Water Bills

A high water bill may indicate you have a leak. Even a tiny leak can waste enough water to notice an increase in your account. If there is a leak anywhere within your plumbing system, the person named on the utility bill must pay for the water used. Please fix your leaks quickly to avoid paying for them each month.

Each person living in Berthoud uses an average of 117 gallons of water daily, or about 3,500 gallons a month. Outdoor watering can double or triple your water bill.

If you do not have a water leak and your bill seems high, consider these questions:

  • Did you use more water to keep the grass green?
  • Did you go on vacation and leave someone else in charge of your lawn watering?
  • Do you have an automatic sprinkler system with a broken head?
  • Have you recently installed a new lawn, sprinkler system, or pool?
  • Were your children playing with the water?
  • Did you do extra loads of laundry before or after a vacation?
  • Did you have friends or relatives staying with you?