Pet Ownership

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License your Pet:

We know that your pet is your family. That’s why our Town strives to make Berthoud a great place to live for residents of all kinds. Explore frequently asked questions below to learn more about town requirements for pets, pet designated exercise areas and more.


Do you need a pet license in the Town of Berthoud?

If you have a pet, Berthoud’s Municipal code states that every cat and dog within Town limits requires an annual license and current rabies vaccination. To obtain a license, complete a pet license form at Town Hall, 807 Mountain Avenue; during regular business hours.


How much does a pet license cost in Berthoud?

  • Spayed or neutered: $10/year
  • Non spayed or neutered: $20/year
  • Senior citizens (62+): $0 (animals must be spayed or neutered)


Where can my dog be off leash?

The Town Board recently passed a Resolution that designates areas for dogs to run off leash. See below to find out where you can take your pooch to play.


Designated Exercise Areas(no restriction on activities):

1. Ball Fields at 5th Street and Welch Avenue


Designated Fetch Areas (fetch games only):

1. Fickle Park

2. Berthoud Town Park

3. Pioneer Park

4. Bein Park

5. Roberts Lake

6. Collins Park


Where can I dispose of pet waste?

Did you know, dog waste is the third largest contributor of bacterial pollution in urban waterways? By properly disposing of dog waste, you can protect our local watersheds.

The next time you are out walking your dog, please remember to bring a waste bag with you to pick up after your pet. You can dispose of bagged waste in garbage cans. Let’s keep Berthoud clean!


Pet Hot Weather Safety

Not only is it bad for your pets to stay inside the car; when it’s above 80 degrees, it’s against Berthoud Municipal Code. Remember that internal car temperatures can soar quickly, even with the windows open. Keep your pets safe all year by keeping them out of the heat.