Waggener Farm Recreation Center

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Plans underway for Berthoud’s new recreation center

The Town of Berthoud is moving forward with plans for the proposed recreation center in Waggener Farm Park. The project will include multi-purpose athletic fields, trails, a playground and restrooms, a recreation center and an indoor aquatics facility. With the Town Board's recent direction, the Park will enter the design development phase and a contractor for the facility will be identified.  

At this time, construction costs for the park are estimated at approximately $31 million. 

In addition to the amenities listed above, the park will also include:

  • Trails with regional trail connections
  • A gymnasium that will support basketball, volleyball, indoor pickleball and other indoor court sports.
  • Fitness areas
  • A community meeting room
  • Outdoor sport courts, including basketball, tennis and pickleball
  • Outdoor gathering spaces

For the most up-to-date project details, view the site schematic drawing and site plan from the July 23, 2019 Town Board Meeting packet and view the presentation that was given at the Board meeting. 

Scematic Drawing Rec Center