Berthoud Reservoir and Trails Master Plans

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In March of 2018 the Town of Berthoud made strides to develop a unified pedestrian and bicycle path though town and create a recreational master plan for Berthoud Reservoir. 

Berthoud Reservoir and Unified Trails Master Plans Finalized June 12

The P.O.R.T. Committee unveiled both the Berthoud Reservoir and integrated trails master plans at the Berthoud Trustees meeting June 12, 2018. 

Berthoud Reservoir Master Plan

Establishing the Berthoud Reservoir Recreation Master Plan is the first step towards transforming the reservoir into a recreational hub for the community, residents and visitors. The Preferred Concept includes passive recreational amenities and improves the vegetation by restoring the native seed areas and through additional shrub and tree planting. 

New amenities at the reservoir include a new restroom building, covered picnic area, water access at a boardwalk/fishing dock and a nature play area.  Only light, non-motorized watercraft may be used on the reservoir such as canoes, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards. A temporary loading zone allows visitors to unload and access the water’s edge via the boardwalk. 

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Unified Pedestrian and Bicycle Trail

The intention of the Berthoud Unified Trail Master Plan is to create trail connectivity throughout the the Town of Berthoud. This trail system will also create connectivity of the town trail system with adjacent regional trails including the Colorado Front Range Trail (CFRT), BNSF Fort Collins/Berthoud Traill Corridor, Big Thompson River Trail, Little Thompson River Trail, Carter Lake/Horsetooth Corridor, and the US 34 Non-Motorized Corridor.

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