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Election Information

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Important Town of Berthoud Election Information

Election reminder: Cast your vote by April 3, 2018 

The upcoming Town of Berthoud municipal election will be held on Tuesday, April 3, 2018. This will be a mail ballot election.


  • Ballots for all active registered voters will be mailed March 12 – 19
  • All active registered voters will receive a ballot by mail
  •  All ballots must be returned to Town Hall by 7:00 p.m. on April 3, 2018
  • You can update your voter registration at:

What will be on the Ballot: 

Recreational Marijuana Ballot Measure

The Board voted to submit a ballot measure to the voters regarding the retail sale of recreational marijuana in Berthoud. Specifically, should the Town of Berthoud authorize and regulate retail sale of marijuana and related products subject to the taxes and fees approved by Berthoud voters in the 2017 general election? 

The ballot item will read: 

"Shall the establishment and operation of retail marijuana sales my municipally licensed medical dispensaries be permitted in the Town of Berthoud, Colorado, subject to the fees and taxes heretofore approved by voters of the Town and subject to all requirements of the Colorado Retail Marijuana Code and regulations to be adopted by the Town Board of Trustees?"

Learn more about this ballot measure.

Heron Lakes Annexation Request

Heron Lake Investments would like to annex a parcel of land that is 33 acres that are currently located south of CR 14 and immediately west of the existing Heron Lake Golf Club for the purpose of developing recreational opportunities at the lake. This parcel of land lies outside the 2012 growth management area of the Town of Berthoud. 

This area is labeled on the map as "Lonetree Marina and Beach Club." 

This ballot item will read: 

"Shall the Town of Berthoud be authorized to annex parcel of property consisting of approximately 32.44 acres lying between the Heron Lakes development and the lake, more particularly described as:

"That portion of the Northeast Quarter of Section 4, Township 4 North, Range 69 West of the 6th Principal Meridian, County of Larimer, State of Colorado, more particularly described as follows:

"Considering the North line of the Northeast corner of Section 4 as bearing South 89° 59' 58" West and with all bearings contained herein relative thereto:

"COMMENCING at the North Quarter corner of Section 4; thence South 00° 13' 44" West, 30.01 feet to a point on the South line of Jaskowski Annexation No. 2 To The Town of Berthoud, said point being the POINT OF BEGINNING; thence along said South line, South 89° 59' 59" East, 2021.36 feet; thence, South 00° 01' 41" East, 20.00 feet to the Northeast corner of Parcel 1A, Amended Duffy Exemption, thence along said Parcel 1A the following 13 courses: South 36° 35' 56" West, 678.16 feet; thence, South 74° 55' 06"

"West, 257.32 feet; thence, South 69° 33' 14" West, 194.87 feet; thence, South 61° 46' 08" West, 190.89 feet; thence, South 57° 10' 05" West, 99.74 feet; thence, North 41° 52' 38" West, 164.83 feet; thence, North 28° 00' 27" West, 280.84 feet; thence, South 79° 55' 50" West, 337.02 feet; thence, South 02° 15' 08" East, 205.22 feet; thence, South 04° 08' 54" East, 128.40 feet; thence, South 07° 03' 49" East, 396.85 feet; thence South 77° 18' 05" West, 447.46 feet; thence, North 00° 25' 45" East, 1337.29 feet; thence, North 00° 13' 44" East, 20.15 feet to the POINT OF BEGINNING, containing 1,413,271 square feet or 32.444 acres more or less.

"Provided that the Board of Trustees, after considering the annexation application and holding a public hearing, as required by law, determines that such annexation is in the best interests of the Town?" 

Learn more about this ballot measure.