Attending and Speaking at Meetings

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Attend a Board of Trustee Meeting

The general public is welcome at all Board of Trustee meetings unless it is being held in Executive Session.  Executive Session meetings generally deal with personnel issues, contract negotiations, or other similar topics.  The Trustee meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month unless otherwise announced.  They are held at Town Hall and begin at 6:30PM.  Their length depends on the specific agenda for the meeting, but typically last 2-3 hours.


Speak at a Board of Trustee Meeting


Citizen Participation

Board meetings include a period set aside for Citizen Participation.  Any attendee may present to the Board for 3 minutes on a topic that is not on the official agenda.  The attendee must sign-up on the form located at the entrance to the Boardroom prior to the start of the meeting.


Public Hearing

Certain agenda items may include a Public Hearing segment on the agenda.  The Public Hearing is provided to allow interested citizens an opportunity to provide comment on issues being considered by the board.  Attendees are allowed 3 minutes to provide input or data that they deem of value to the board's deliberations on the specific agenda item.


Formal Presentation

A request to formally present to the Board of Trustees can be made by contacting the Town Clerk at 970-532-2643.  Depending on the topic and the requested presentation length and other agenda items already scheduled, the Clerk will work with the Mayor and the Town Administrator to determine an time for the presentation.  Some requests may be suggested to be handled through Citizen Participation.