Water Department

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The Town of Berthoud is dedicated to providing safe, quality water and sewer services to all residents. The Water Department personnel are responsible for the operation of the treatment plant and distribution system in order to comply with all Federal Safe Drinking Water Standards, State and EPA Regulations.

The Water Division generates an annual Consumer Confidence Report.  The latest report can be found here.  More information about water quality and the Consumer Confidence Report can be found at the EPA website, http://www.epa.gov/sdwa

2019 Report  2018 Report   2017 Report    2016 Report     2015 Report      2014 Report     2013 Report

Keep in mind that reports are based on information from the previous year's testing, not the year the report is released.

Berthoud uses from approximately 600,000 gallons up to 1.2 million gallons of water each day. The Town’s clean water storage can hold up to 3 million gallons of water.  The Town has agreements with other water providers such as the Little Thompson Water District to provide clean water during plant maintenance or at times of very high usage.

In 2012 much of the infrastructure at the Water Plant were reconstructed to modernize and improve the treatment processes.  In 2015 upgraded computerized process monitoring was deployed. 

The town services over 2,400 water meters.  Water meters are read on a monthly basis using electronic meter reading technology so the Water Department Employee does not have to enter individual yards.  The division is also responsible for maintaining and flushing the fire hydrant system servicing Berthoud.

Department responsibilities include

  • Maintain and replace all Town water mains

  • Valve control

  • Leak Detection

  • Water quality

  • System flushing

  • Operate and maintain raw water supply

  • Clean and maintain water storage facilities

  • Water line locates and inspections

  • Water meter readings and testing

  • Customer Service


Utility Billing 

The Utility Billing Clerk administers customer account setup and closing, meter reading verification, statement printing and mailing. The Billing Clerk is part of the finance Department located at town hall.  Utility bills are due the 20th of each month. For further information please visit the Utility Billing section of this web site.


Utility Locates

If you are planning to do any digging or excavation, utility lines (water, gas, electric, sewer, phone, cable) must be located and marked.  The Town of Berthoud utilizes a centralized service for utility locates.  Please call 811, or 800.922.1987, at least 72 hours prior to any excavation.  It is safe to dig after marking flags have been put in place at the location service.  Do not dig near the path marked by the locator’s flags.


Raw Water System

The Town’s raw water is supplied by the Colorado Big Thompson Project and Big Thompson River water rights are used.  The primary raw water storage is the Berthoud Reservoir north of the Town.


Fire Hydrant Bulk Water Sales - Hydrant Meter Rentals

Fire hydrants and hydrant meters with backflow preventers are available for rent for access to bulk water from the Town's water distribution system. An Application and Hydrant Meter Rental Policy & Agreement must be filled out and submitted to the Town for review and approval prior to obtaining bulk water. Any unauthorized hookup or use of bulk water without prior approval is considered water theft and a fine of $1000 will be imposed. Please review our Rules and Regulations for bulk water sales.