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Starting Tuesday, September 4, 2018: Berthoud Parkway will be under construction at Grand Market Ave. (Heron Lakes Entrance), immediately North of the intersection with HWY 287. A detour path may be used for access through the construction site.

Smoking in Berthoud

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Information about Berthoud's smoking ordinance


Studies have found that breathing secondhand smoke is a cause for disease in non-smokers and reducing the exposure of secondhand smoke decreases the risk of these deadly diseases. The intent of this ordinance is to protect the public health, safety and welfare of Berthoud's residents and visitors by prohibiting smoking in areas that are used by or are open to the public. 

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Enforcement begins November 10, 2018. 

Smoking is prohibited in the following areas and types of businesses:

To reduce exposure to tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke and smoke or aerosol generated from electronic smoking devices, smoking is not permitted in and indoor area. This includes: 

  • Restaurants, food service establishments and bars 
  • Public buildings and meeting places 
  • Any public transportation owned or operated by the Town of Berthoud
  • Healthcare facilities including but not limited to hospitals, healthcare clinics and doctor's offices
  • Restrooms, lobbies and hallways of common areas, whether private or public
  • Bowling alleys and billiard or pool halls
  • A 15-foot perimeter outside of the entrances of all buildings and facilities located within Berthoud

Smoking is permitted in the following areas:

  • A private home or residence (except those in use for public services)
  • A private automobile unless used for business.
  • Retail tobacco businesses
  • A place of business that is not open to the public

Read the entire ordinance.