The Mountain Ave Corridor and Signage Plan

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Mountain Ave. is the backbone of our community, connecting travelers from I25 west to Highway 287. As visitors and residents travel the 6 miles of roadway, they are taken through agricultural land, downtown Berthoud, residential neighborhoods and out west to future growth areas.

As Berthoud grows it’s critical to preserve the character of our community. The Mountain Ave. Plan is intended to create a long-term vision for the corridor creating a cohesive plan that is reflective of what residents want Berthoud to become. 

As you travel through Berthoud there are a series of character districts along Mountain Ave. These range from agricultural, to commercial, to residential. The Corridor Plan identifies each character district and celebrates each zone with a unique plan that connects together seamlessly.  This will be done be establishing roadway design standards and architectural regulations for new development that enhance the existing character of each unique district.

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Mtn ave plan