Responding to a Code Violation

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Responding to a Code Violation Notice

If you receive a notice of violation from Berthoud Code Enforcement, please correct the violation(s) by the date specified on the notice.  If you do not understand what is being requested or if you need more information, or if you believe the notice was issued in error please contact the Code Compliance Specialist at 970-344-5825.   You may also request a site visit by the Code Compliance Specialist to clarify the violation and receive suggestions for possible solutions to the violation.

Extension of time to correct a violation may be given for extenuating circumstances.

Methods of notification 

Berthoud Code Compliance utilizes several methods of notifying residents of a code violation.  Depending on the severity of the violation, Code Compliance Specialist may issue:

Verbal warning

This is usually a conversation with the resident wherein the resident verbally agrees to stop an activity or correct a minor violation without requiring a written notice.  Compliance is usually required within 24 hours of the verbal notice.

Written warning

This usually involves the issuance of a hand-written “Notice of Violation” to the resident or involved party.  The Notice may be given to the involved party in person or may be left or posted at the front door or placed on a vehicle.  The Notice will identify the code violation and provide instructions on how the violation may be corrected.   The notice will contain the date and time of the violation, as well as the Compliance Specialist’s name and phone number will be listed on the notice.     

PLEASE NOTE:  A “written notice” may also take the form of a “door hanger”, as in the case of a snow/ice condition on a public sidewalk.  Code Enforcement will also place notices on vehicles parked on public streets which are believed to be abandoned, unlicensed or inoperable.  Please note that Code Compliance may tow vehicles. 

NOTE:  Written notices which identify a public safety hazard require an immediate response.           

Municipal Court Summons

Individuals who violate the Municipal Code may also be issued a municipal court summons by Code Compliance.  Depending on the violation, the summons may include a fine for each day that the violation persists.  The actual penalties imposed in these cases are determined by the Municipal Court judge as part of the judicial proceeding.  Please note that the issuance of a warning is not required as a precursor to issuance of a summons.