Greenlawn Cemetery FAQ

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cemeterysignAre plots still available at Greenlawn Cemetery?

There are plots available only in the flat marker sections of the cemetery; the Town keeps records of available plots. We would be happy to speak with you about availability of single and double plots either in person, phone or email.

May we plant flowers?

Flowers are allowed to be planted in the area containing upright markers, however, due to maintenance operations we do not allow planting in the sections with flat markers.

Is a burial vault required?

Yes, vaults are mandatory.

Is a cremation urn permitted in the same plot with an existing burial?

Yes, up to two cremains may be interred in a grave space with an existing full body burial. Up to three cremains can be put on a single grave space without a full body burial.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. Payment arrangements can be made with a down payment of 25%, with the balance set up on a promissory note to be paid out over a six month period. Please be aware that the grave spaces cannot be used until payment is made in full.

May opening and closing charges be paid in advance?

Because fees are reviewed and updated on an annual basis, we are unable to allow opening and closing charges to be paid in advance.

Can I sell my private lot once I have received the deed?

In the event that the owner of a grave space wishes to sell a previously owned and unoccupied space, they may.  You will need to contact the Deputy Town Clerk at 970.344.5801 or e-mail to transfer ownership into the new name.  There will need to be proof of ownership and then a signed and notarized document of the sell to the new owner. 

Does the Town provide funeral service accommodations?

Full funeral accommodations are provided for graveside services and include chairs, lowering device and canopy. Please call Deputy Town Clerk at 970.344.5801 or email for more information on coordination of funeral services.