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Elections & Voter Information

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Regular April 3, 2018 Municipal Election

On April 3, 2018 the Town of Berthoud will be conducting a mail ballot election for Town Trustee Offices and Mayor. In addition, there will be two questions on the ballot. (additional details below)   

Please click here to for a list of elected officials and their terms of office. The Mayor and three Trustee seats will be decided at the upcoming April Election.  Each Trustee seat will be for a 4-year term. The Mayor's seat will be for a 2-year term. 

Please click here look up and verify your voter registration information.

Please click here to download an Absentee Ballot Application to receive your ballot at an address other than the address on your voter registration.  Please return your completed application as soon as possible to ensure you receive your ballot with enough time to mail it back and for it to be received by 7:00 P.M. on Election Day.  All active voters will receive a ballot by mail at the mailing address on your voter registration.  This form should only be used if you will temporarily be receiving mail at an address other than what is on your voter registration. 

The upcoming Town of Berthoud municipal election will be held on Tuesday, April 3, 2018.  The election will be a mail ballot election for the Mayor and three Trustee seats as well as two additional questions on the ballot regarding an annexation and retail marijuana. 

A few helpful facts about the upcoming election:

  • Ballots for all active registered voters will be mailed March 12, 2018 – March 19, 2018.
  • All active registered voters will receive a ballot by mail.
  • All ballots must be returned to Town Hall no later than 7:00 P.M. on April 3, 2018
  • You can update your voter registration at

The following candidates will be on the April 3, 2018 Ballot:

Mayor - 2-Year Term

  • Jeff Hindman
  • Will Karspeck

Why is the Mayor being elected to a 2-year term instead of a 4-year term?

In accordance with the Berthoud Municipal Code, all terms of office for the Berthoud Town Board are 4-years.  The current Mayor was elected in 2016 to fill a vacancy that was created following the 2016 election.  The term of the current Mayor is set to expire in 2018, which is in accordance with the provisions of the Colorado Municipal Election Code.  Had the vacancy not occurred, the Mayor's term would be set to expire in 2020. 

The Colorado Municipal Election Code requires a vacancy to be filled until the next regular election, and that the following term must be shortened if that office would not have otherwise been elected at that election.  In light of the fact that the Mayor's term would have otherwise expired in 2020, the term elected in 2018 must be shortened to two years to be in compliance with the Election Code.

During the nomination process for the 2018 Regular Municipal Election, the Town understood the Mayor's term to be elected for a 4-year term.  However; during the process of preparing and verifying information for the 2018 ballot, the Town determined that the Mayor's term must be for 2-years to be in compliance with the Colorado Municipal Election Code. 

Trustee - 4-Year Term (Three Seats)

  • Maureen Dower
  • Heidi Short
  • Pete Tomassi
  • Patrick Dillon
  • Kevin Paul Pischke
  • Tim Hardy

The following questions will be on the April 3, 2018 Ballot:

  • Retail Marijuana and Cannabis Products Sales Shall the establishment and operation of retail marijuana sales by municipally licensed medical dispensaries be permitted in the Town of Berthoud, Colorado, subject to the fees and taxes heretofore approved by voters of the Town and subject to all requirements of the Colorado Retail Marijuana Code and regulations to be adopted by the Town Board of Trustees?


  • Annexation of Heron Lakes Lake Club Annexation
    Shall the Town of Berthoud be authorized to annex parcel of property consisting of approximately 32.44 acres lying between the Heron Lakes development and the lake, more particularly described as: HERON LAKES LAKE CLUB ANNEXATION: That portion of the Northeast Quarter of Section 4, Township 4 North, Range 69 West of the 6th Principal Meridian, County of Larimer, State of Colorado, more particularly described as follows:

    Considering the North line of the Northeast corner of Section 4 as bearing South 89° 59' 58" West and with all bearings contained herein relative thereto:

    COMMENCING at the North Quarter corner of Section 4; thence South 00° 13' 44" West, 30.01 feet to a point on the South line of Jaskowski Annexation No. 2 To The Town of Berthoud, said point being the POINT OF BEGINNING; thence along said South line, South 89° 59' 59" East, 2021.36 feet; thence, South 00° 01' 41" East, 20.00 feet to the Northeast corner of Parcel 1A, Amended Duffy Exemption, thence along said Parcel 1A the following 13 courses:  South 36° 35' 56" West, 678.16 feet; thence, South 74° 55' 06" West, 257.32 feet; thence, South 69° 33' 14" West, 194.87 feet; thence, South 61° 46' 08" West, 190.89 feet; thence, South 57° 10' 05" West, 99.74 feet; thence, North 41° 52' 38" West, 164.83 feet; thence, North 28° 00' 27" West, 280.84 feet; thence, South 79° 55' 50" West, 337.02 feet; thence, South 02° 15' 08" East, 205.22 feet; thence, South 04° 08' 54" East, 128.40 feet; thence, South 07° 03' 49" East, 396.85 feet; thence South 77° 18' 05" West, 447.46 feet; thence, North 00° 25' 45" East, 1337.29 feet; thence, North 00° 13' 44" East, 20.15 feet to the POINT OF BEGINNING, containing 1,413,271 square feet or 32.444 acres more or less.

    Provided that the Board of Trustees, after considering the annexation application and holding a public hearing, as required by law, determines that such annexation is in the best interests of the Town?

Please contact Town Hall with any questions regarding the upcoming election.



Campaign Finance Forms:

Campaign Finance Manual

Candidate Affidavit

Candidate Committee Registration Form

Contribution and Expenditure Report

Statement of Non-Expenditure

Statement of Personal Expenditures


Campaign Finance Filing Deadlines:

All campaign finance filings are to be filed with the Town Clerk.

  • First Deadline: March 13, 2018
  • Second Deadline: March 30, 2018
  • Final Deadline: May 3, 2018
  • Annual reports must be filed if the committee does not expend all funds received.

Helpful Publications:

Municipal Candidate Guide

Elected Official Starter Kit

For more information, please contact the Town Clerk:

Berthoud Town Clerk
807 Mountain Avenue
PO Box 1229
Berthoud, Colorado 80513