Business and Commercial Licensing and Permits

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The Town of Berthoud does not have a general business license. Sales Tax is paid to Berthoud through a business's payments to the Colorado Department of Revenue.  However, there are a number of business types that require some form of permit or special license in order to do business within the town. Purchasing some of these licenses may include an application process, proof of insurance, and other pre-license requirements.

Examples of these businesses include:

  • Tree Services
  • Trash Services
  • Milk Delivery
  • Door to Door Solicitors
  • Second Hand/Antique stores
  • Temporary Vendors (e.g.: Food trucks, Farmer’s Markets)

Contact Town Hall at 970-344-5801 Deputy Town Clerk Michelle Adams if you require a permit for any of these businesses or if you have a question if your business requires any special licensing/permitting.

Certain types of business require approval by one of the Local Licensing Authorities. The two current authorities are for liquor sales and medical marijuana sales. These authorities consist of the municipal judge, one Town staff member (usually the Town Clerk), and one citizen representative.

Through a quasi-judicial process license requests will be reviewed, commented on by the public, and then approved or rejected. The licensing authority also establishes rules and regulations as needed for the proper regulation of these businesses.

Contact the Deputy Town Clerk to receive information on acquiring one of these specialized business licenses at 970-344-5801.

The basic fee structure for all of the above mentioned business can be found on the current year’s Fee Schedule.