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Berthoud Town Hall Remodel

  • Start Date:09/25/2019 8:20 AM
  • Close Date:10/16/2019


This request for proposal (RFP) is being issued by the Town of Berthoud, Colorado. The purpose is to solicit proposals by qualified interested parties for renovations at the Town of Berthoud facility located at 807 Mountain Avenue in Berthoud, Colorado.  The renovations will include new customer service counters, reconfiguring existing office space and new floor coverings in a portion of the building.


Background Information

Berthoud is a progressive community providing a balance between small town living, with access to city amenities in the immediate vicinity. With a population approaching over 9,000 residents within Town limits, Berthoud is rapidly growing, and updated facilities are necessary to better serve residents in the Berthoud Community.


The Town Hall facility located at 807 Mountain Avenue was constructed in 1999 as a bank facility.  The Town of Berthoud acquired the property in 2016 and divided the space to accommodate Town offices, as well as provide office space for other organizations.  As the community has continued to grow, the need for customer service counters and a more functional work space has become evident.  The renovations to the facility will improve the customer’s experience and improve the functionality of the office space.


Scope of Services


To download a copy of the plans for this project, please click here: 2019 Town Hall Remodel 

Addendum Downloads: First Addendum, Second Addendum , Third Addendum 

The work will consist of:

  • Demolition of existing walls, interior fixtures and finishes in the area of the remodel, as detailed in the Construction Documents (CD’s)
  • Construction, and installation, of walls, counters, interior fixtures and finishes, as detailed in the CD’s
  • Work must be compliant with ADA code requirements as specified in the CD’s
  • Removal and proper disposal of all trash and debris associated with the project
  • Electrical is available on site
  • Contractor will obtain all required permits
  • Building services will not be suspended during the construction of this project


The total budgeted dollar amount allocated to the project is up to $90,000 depending on the project design features and finishes proposed. Work for the project would begin as soon as possible, on a schedule agreed upon by the Town of Berthoud and the successful contractor.


Questions concerning the bid should be directed to:


Christian Samora

Berthoud Town Clerk



More specifically, the Town believes the following minimum deliverables will be included in the final scope of work.


  • Detailed cost estimates for construction of the improvements and demolition of walls/fixtures.
  • Examples of proposed materials and finishes to complete the project. Materials should be similar to existing and fit within the proposed budget.
  • An estimated timeline to complete the work.


On-Site Walk Through


The on-site walk through will give the bidding contractors an opportunity to view the physical space and ask clarifying questions.






On-Site Walk Through

October 9, 2019 @ 11AM - 807 Mountain Ave

RFQ/RFP Due to Town Staff

October 16, 2019

Review RFQ/RFP applications by Staff

October 17, 2019

Staff meeting with selected proposal applicant to

discuss or refine scope

October 18, 2019

Board approval and bid award

October 22, 2019

Potential project start date

October 28, 2019


Response Format and Requirements

The proposal shall include the following components:




This shall be one-page or less providing an all-inclusive estimated fee to provide said service including: providing costs to construct, install finishes/fixtures and demolition as needed for the project; any fixed expenses, and any other fees or expenses anticipated.


Experience of the Contractor/Consultant and Statement of Qualifications

This proposal shall highlight a company’s recent experience in completing similar projects that have been completed for public.  Similar projects should be listed in order of most recent completed.


Standard Contract

A standard consulting/contractor services agreement between the awarded company and the Town, will be required. A draft of the contract is available by request to the Town.

Submittal Process/Contact with Town of Berthoud Staff

If you or your company is interested in responding to this proposal, please send an email to the address listed below containing contact information for your firm. This is a non-binding statement, but this will form the list of parties who will receive notification of any questions and their answers.


All questions or requests for clarification, or official submittals to this RFP should be made through the following email address:

Christian R. Samora, Berthoud Town Clerk


Responses to any questions will be provided to all interested parties within 2 business days. If a more detailed response is required, you will be informed of a time line in the initial response. The company that submits a question will not be identified in the public response.


In order to be considered for this RFP, an official Response submittal must be made by 2:00 PM on October 16, 2019 and delivered in a sealed envelope to Berthoud Town Hall, 807 Mountain Avenue, Berthoud, Colorado 80513. Late submissions will not be accepted.

All material submitted regarding this RFP becomes the property of the Town. The Town has the right to use any or all ideas presented in reply to this RFP, regardless of the consultant awarded; disqualification of any consultant does not eliminate this right. The Town reserves the right to reject or accept any or all proposals or waive any formalities, informalities, or information therein.

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