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RFP for a Comprehensive Plan Overhaul

  • Department:Town Administrator, Clerk, Deputy Clerk, Parks & Recreation, Planning & Building, Economic Development, Police Chief/Sheriff's Sgt, Director of Public Works, Water/Waste Water, Transportation Manager, Streets Manager, IT Manager, Public Relations, Finance
  • Start Date:08/21/2019 3:29 PM
  • Close Date:09/30/2019


The Town of Berthoud is accepting proposals from qualified firms for a Comprehensive Plan overhaul in accordance with the terms, conditions, and specifications contained in these documents. Respondents wishing to participate should ensure they have all addenda prior to submission of proposal.

Failure to acknowledge receipt of any addenda applicable to this project could result in the rejection of your proposal.

A copy of the RFP and associated documentation may be obtained on the Town’s website at or Town Hall located at 807 Mountain Ave, Berthoud, CO 80513.

Questions: Each respondent, before submitting a proposal, shall become fully informed as to the extent and character of work required. All questions must be submitted in writing to Curt Freese, Community Development Director, at

Question Deadline: August 30, 2019 Time: 5:00 p.m.


The Town of Berthoud is one of the fastest growing communities in the north Front Range due to its proximity and ease of access to larger communities like Fort Collins (~30 miles north) and Boulder (~30 miles south).  In 2018, the Town issued building permits for over 500 single-family homes and the population is estimated to more than double from the 2010 to the 2020 census.  Much of the rapid growth in Berthoud has occurred since 2016 and currently, the Town has over 6,000 approved residential lots in various stages of development. 

Historically, Berthoud was a community built around agriculture and the railroad.  Until recently, the Town’s population was largely concentrated within 1 mile of the Downtown core though nearly 80% of the Town’s residents commute out-of-town for employment.  Berthoud’s small-town character is important to new and old residents alike and maintaining that character has consistently been identified as an important priority by the Board. 

In 2014, the Town adopted its most recent comprehensive plan.  While the plan envisioned growth, it did not envision the amount of growth currently being experienced.  Rather than complete a simple update of that plan, the Town is interested in establishing a clear new vision for the future of Berthoud that encourages growth in a managed way. 

Project Description:

The new Comprehensive plan will need to include a robust Community Engagement and a Public Input component; a Housing Study; a Fiscal Analysis, a Land Use Map Update incorporating new urbanist and transect development principles for portions or character districts of the Town; and Implementation Recommendations. The new Comprehensive Plan will not include any changes or expansion to the 2016 Parks, Open Space, Recreation, and Trails (PORT) master plan nor the Mountain Avenue Overlay Plan that is expected to be adopted in Fall 2019. The consultant for this new Comprehensive Plan project will be expected to operate independently and utilize on a limited basis, the City’s administrative staff, as necessary and appropriate, to assist and complete the project. The consultant is encouraged to employ their expertise and innovation to recommend scope enhancements. This recommendation shall be submitted as a separate sheet.

 A list of Functional Plans is provided in Exhibit A. The consultant should consider this background information within the context of its high importance of interest and concern by the residents and public officials of the City. Community members are actively involved in pursuing resolutions to development issues. Positive community member, property owner, and business owner participation and involvement will be crucial to the success of this planning process.

Submittal Requirements:

Responses must be received by mail, or delivered in person, no later than the close of business (5:00 PM) on September 16, 2019. Responses must be submitted in a sealed envelope, addressed to the Community Development Director, Town of Berthoud, 807 Mountain Avenue, P.O. Box 1229, Berthoud CO 80513. The sealed envelope containing the RFP responses must be plainly marked on the outside as “RFP for: Berthoud Comprehensive Plan” with the firm’s name and address.

Submittal of one (1) original, one (1) copy of its proposal and one (1) electronic file in PDF format (CD or USB) of the RFP is required. The firm’s fee schedule, reimbursable and overhead costs shall accompany the RFP response, but must be in a separate sealed envelope clearly marked “Cost Proposal”.

Offerors shall submit one consolidated response to this RFP. The proposal shall be typed and submitted on 8 1/2" x 11 '' size paper, up to a TOTAL page limit of 30 pages (inclusive of dividers, transmittal letter, Table of Contents, and required forms). Offerors should not include any promotional material. The proposal should be brief, clear and concise. The response shall include the following:

SECTION 1 INTRODUCTION/PRESENTATION: Reponses must be signed and include a Letter of Transmittal with identification of Offeror who will have contractual responsibility with the Town of Berthoud. Identification shall include legal name of company, corporate address, telephone number and email address of the contact person identified during the period of proposal evaluation. If the individual/firm operates from more than one location, please specify the office to which this project will be assigned. Identify all subconsultants that will be involved.

SECTION 2 TECHNICAL PROPOSAL:  Firm Information & Qualifications: This section of the proposal shall establish the ability of the Offeror to satisfactorily perform the required work by reasons of: experience in performing work of a similar nature to the Project Description; proven competence in the services to be provided; strength and stability of the firm; staffing capability; track record of meeting schedules on similar projects and supportive client references. Include information about pertinent prior experience, number of years the firm has been in business, and specialized expertise.

The Offeror shall:

  • Provide a brief profile of the firm, including the types of services offered; the year founded; form of the organization (corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship); number, size and location of offices; and total number of employees.


  • Describe the firm's experience in performing work of a similar nature to that solicited in this RFP and highlight the participation in such work by the key personnel proposed for assignment to the Town.


  • Describe specialized training, experience and professional competence in the area directly related to the service being offered.


  • Identify sub-consultants by company name, address, contact person, telephone number and project function, if applicable. The list should include a summary of the roles and responsibilities of each sub-consultant.

SECTION 3. PROPOSED STAFFING AND ORGANIZATION: This section of the proposal shall establish the method that will be used by the Offeror to provide requested services as well as identify key personnel assigned. The Town expects one project manager who will be the point person for all services rendered as part of the contract.

The offeror shall:

•     Provide the education, training, experience and applicable professional credentials of the proposed Project Manager and other key personnel. 

•     Furnish brief resumes (two pages maximum per resume) for the proposed Project Manager and key personnel (including sub-consultants).

•     Identify key personnel proposed to perform the specified tasks and include major areas of sub-consultant work.


  • Include an organizational chart with clearly defining roles, lines of communication, and support services.

•     Provide a table identifying current availability of key staff and resources.

•     Provide a list of areas of technical expertise with respect to the Statement of Work.

SECTION 4. RELEVANT EXPERIENCE & REFERENCES: The offeror shall provide a minimum of three (3) references for completed work like that in scope of services being offered within the last three (3) years. Reference projects should have been completed within the last four (4) years and similar in nature to those described in this RFP.

Please include the following information:

  • Name of client
  • Name and title of client’s primary contact.
  • Telephone number, fax number, email address, and mailing address of the client’s primary contact.
  • A brief description of the types of services provided, the location where the services were provided, and the dates of service.

Selection Criteria:

The evaluation committee, consisting of Town representatives, will evaluate and score each submitted proposal. Applicants may be invited to provide an interview presentation before the evaluation committee at the Town’s sole discretion. Respondents should be available for interview during the week following the RFP due date. The Town of Berthoud reserves the right to not interview, and to make final consultant selection based upon the submitted proposal. A contract will be recommended for award as determined by the evaluation committee.

The following criteria will be used for the basis for review of the written proposals and interview session.





Does the consultant have the required specialists and expertise? Does the consultant have examples of substantially similar projects that have been completed successfully?


Is the fee schedule comparable to typical professional fees in

The North Front Range of Colorado and to other submitted RFPs?

Ability to Furnish Professional Services

Does the consultant have personnel with the necessary skills? Are

sufficient staff with the requisite skills available?


Awarding of Contract:

The Town of Berthoud reserves the right to reject, for any reason whatsoever any and all proposals received as a result of this request; to waive any informality or irregularity in a proposal; to negotiate with all qualified sources; and to cancel all or part of the RFP. The Town reserves the right to accept the proposal that provides the best value to the Town in its sole discretion. The submission of a proposal does not in any way commit the Town to enter into an agreement or contract with that proposal submitter, nor to pay any costs incurred in the preparation and submission of proposals in anticipation of a contract. All information submitted in response to this request for proposal is public after the Notice of Award has been issued. The consultant should not include as part of the proposal any information which they believe to be a trade secret or other privileged or confidential data. If the consultant wishes to include such material, then the material should be supplied with a separate cover and identified as confidential. Entire proposals marked confidential will not be honored. The Town of Berthoud will endeavor to keep that information confidential, separate and apart from the proposal, subject to the provisions of the Colorado Open Records Act or order of court.


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