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Berthoud Board of Trustees Endorse HB 19-1260

Post Date:04/10/2019

On Tuesday, April 9, 2019, the Board of Trustees of the Town of Berthoud unanimously approved a resolution in support for Colorado House Bill 19-1260. This bill, if passed, would require cities and towns in the state of Colorado to update their energy codes at the same time that other building codes are updated. This bill would also allow the cities a choice of the three most recent energy codes to adopt. The stated objective of the bill is to help Colorado meet its goal for clean energy and energy efficiency while saving homeowners and renters money, creating jobs, supporting local economic development and improving our energy security.

While Berthoud has lagged behind other municipalities in the past when updating their energy code, supporting HB 19-1260 indicates an important commitment to the future for the Board. Updating the energy code more frequently will allow the Town to stay up to date with emerging technologies that can positively impact homeowners in the long run. Construction methods using updated energy codes have the potential to save homeowners thousands of dollars on utility bills over the life of the house, may reduce the need for costly upgrades or retrofits in the future and can lead to healthier indoor air quality for those residing in these structures. 

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