Berthoud Recreation Center And Parks Master Plans

Berthoud Recreation Center and Parks Master Plans

Berthoud residents were asked to help the Town Board decide what future park and recreational amenities should be developed. As a first step, Town Staff, Town Council, and the PORT Committee began the process to enhance five parks and explore the possibility of building a recreation center.

The master plan process created conceptual plans for Berthoud Town Park, Waggener Farm Park, Richardson Park, and Knievel Park. Plans for the parks examined the different recreational amenities located at each, including incorporating a recreation center on one site that houses future aquatics facilities, community event spaces, and facilities for youth sports activities. 

Read the master plan summary to learn more about what is expected at each site.

Community Feedback Survey

To get the most feedback possible, residents were encouraged to provide their feedback through an online survey. This survey asked questions about the Recreation Center and Parks Master Plan and is an additional engagement opportunity that compliments the public open houses.

Community Open Houses

A big part of the process is to ensure those living in Berthoud have a chance to weigh in on the plans. During mid-July, Berthoud residents were asked to attend two public meetings to give their feedback on the initial park plans. The first was the PORT Meeting on Monday, July 9, 2018. The Recreation Center and Parks Master Plans were a big topic of discussion. Read the full meeting minutes.

The second public meeting was an open house on Thursday, July 12, 2018. During the open house, up to 75 residents attended to share their feedback about the proposed sites. Read the full summary of the open house and view the quick summary of comments received regarding future recreation center programming.

Review the draft concept plans presented at the July 12th Open House below:

Draft Concept Plans

Read the feedback for each park received at the July 12th Open House below:

Bein Park
Knievel Park
Richardson Park
Town Park
Waggener Farm Park

Review the draft concept plans presented at the August 4th Farmer's Market Booth

All Parks Concept Plans

Recreation Center Concept Plan

Parks System Vision Concept