Streets & Drainage

The Public Works Streets & Drainage Department maintains Berthoud's public streets and storm water drainage system and processes Right-of-way Permits.  

Department responsibilities include:

  • Repair and maintenance of streets
  • Repair and maintenance of curbs, gutters, and sidewalks
  • Repair and maintenance of traffic signs, and pavement markings
  • Repair and maintenance of town-owned street lighting
  • Snow plowing and ice removal
  • Street sweeping
  • Storm drainage maintenance to reduce pollution reaching streams and waterways
  • Administer Right-of-way Permits and inspections
  • Special event support
  1. Right-of-Way Permit

The Town of Berthoud regulates the installation of public utilities within the Town's public right-of-Way through a permitting process. Public right-of-way means a strip of land acquired by reservation, dedication, forced dedication, prescription, or condemnation and intended to be occupied by a road, crosswalk, bike path, alley way, railroad, electric transmission lines, oil or gas pipeline, waterline, sanitary storm sewer, and other similar uses; generally, the right of one to pass over the property of another.

Prior to submitting the Right-of-way (ROW) Permit

ROW permits are required prior to any work activities being performed or temporary obstructions, including temporary storage containers or pods, within the public right-of-way and/or Town Utility easements or that will directly affect the traveling public.
Prior to submitting;

  1. An approved Certificate of Insurance, or bond (if required), equal to the value of the work done, is required to be on file with the ROW Permit application.
  2. Applicant is responsible for scheduling utility locates before digging / excavation.
  3. Any work done on a state highway or county road within the Town limits requires a Colorado Department of Highways (CDOT) Special Use Utility Permit to be included with the Berthoud ROW Permit. The Town will not issue a ROW Permit without this documentation.
  4. Applicant shall include the construction methods, equipment and operational procedures utilized and obtain the Town’s concurrence in the ROW Permit application, and if required provide construction plans and or scope of work letter.

Right-of-Way Permit Application

In accordance with the Town's permitting requirements and general provisions, all work done on public right-of-way areas (including utility easements) require a ROW permit application with a Traffic Control Plan.

  • Download, complete, and "Save As" a new file the fillable Right-of-Way Permit Application & Provisions (PDF). Do not Scan this form.
  • Include Traffic Control Plan(s) for any work that impedes the normal flow of vehicular and bicycle traffic or disrupts pedestrian walkways, and if required, developed by a certified traffic control company.
  • Include in the permit Description of Work, (if required) Scope of work and (if required) Construction Plans for all work performed within public right-of-way areas, or that will directly affect the travelling public.
  • Email completed application and materials to Right of Way Permit
  • Permits are issued after the application fee is paid in full upon receiving an emailed invoice and payment instructions.

Staff are available to issue permits Monday – Thursday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Questions? Call 970-344-5816 or Email Right-of-way.

How long does it take?

Once all required documents are received, the Town requires a 10-day notice for approval of the permit.

After Permit is issued and work done - Schedule your Right-of-Way Inspections:

Streets Department (for Road Cuts or Sidewalk related work): (970) 532-2210

Water Department (for Water/Sewer related work): (303) 505-2138

  1. Snow & Ice Removal
  1. Street sweeping Schedule
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  1. Storm Water DRAINAGE