Sales Tax Information

Sales Tax License

Anyone selling tangible goods in the Town Limits of Berthoud must obtain a Colorado Sales Tax License. We have a sales Tax application form that you will fill out and submit for us to verify you have a Colorado Sales Tax License. Berthoud is not a self-collecting town. What you report to the state is what gets sent to us from the State. Fill out the form to verify you are licensed with the State of Colorado. (PDF).

All Sales Tax collected is paid to the Colorado Department of Revenue on a monthly, quarterly, or annual payment, depending on the business's revenue and will be remitted to the Town of Berthoud. Please visit the State of Colorado Website to apply for a Colorado Sales Tax License.

Current 2023 Sales Tax Rates

7.7% for sales made within Larimer County in the Town of Berthoud.

  • 4% Town of Berthoud
  • 2.9% State of Colorado
  • .8% Larimer County
  • *Additional 7% on retail marijuana sales

6.9% for sales made within Weld County in the Town of Berthoud.

  • 4% Town of Berthoud
  • 2.9% State of Colorado

Lodging Tax

Commencing on January 1, 2017, a three % (3%) excise tax shall be paid by lodgers within the Town of Berthoud on the purchase price paid or charged for the furnishing of any hotel room, motel room, lodging room, motor hotel room, guest house, or other similar short term temporary accommodation of less than thirty (30) consecutive days.

The purpose of the tax imposed is for the raising of funds for lawful uses, including but not limited to streets, traffic, water, wastewater, utilities, economic development and tourism. Download Town of Berthoud Lodging Tax License Application (PDF). Lodging Tax return forms will be provided to the applicant after a license number has been assigned to the account.

  1. Wende Moore

    Lead Administrative Technician