The Engineering Division of the Public Works Department serves the Town in many diverse roles. This division is responsible for performing engineering reviews for all development plans for projects in Berthoud and service areas within Incorporated Larimer County, including residential subdivisions and commercial developments. The Engineering Division works closely with the Community Development Department in this area and provides technical support for other land use issues.

The Engineering Division also performs inspections of all public infrastructure improvements, including roads, curb and gutter, sidewalks, water, sewer, and storm water facilities. The construction inspectors also perform inspection and project coordination for the capital improvement projects and subdivisions.

The Engineering Division oversees all design and construction standards for projects in Berthoud. The Engineering Division refers to Larimer County Urban Area Street Standards for all street design and construction standards. The Larimer County Storm Drainage Standards are followed for drainage standards

The Engineering Division works closely with the county and state transportation and planning organizations to coordinate the Town's plans and interests with those from the county and state.

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