Building Department

The Town of Berthoud has adopted the 2021 iCodes. Please see the tabs below for more information. 

In accordance with HB 19-1086 and SB 19-156 the Procedure for Contemporaneous Reviews of Electrical and Plumbing Licenses is available online. 

Mission Statement

The Building Department is responsible for the building permit and inspection process for all commercial, industrial and residential projects within the Town. It aims to maintain a safe building environment for our residents. This is accomplished through quality plan reviews and inspections.

  1. Contractor Licensing

Contractors must be licensed with the Town of Berthoud prior to applying for a building permit. Please see our Contractor Licensing page to start your application.

You will need to show a passing score on an ICC Test for the appropriate license or a license from a jurisdiction requiring you to test with ICC. All submitted test results must be from a 2018 Code test or newer.

Electricians and Plumbers are required to submit valid state licensure.

Residential C and Sign Contractors will need to show ICC testing or take a test administered by the Town of Berthoud.

You must submit your liability insurance showing the Town of Berthoud as a Certificate Holder.

The cost for this license is $100, which is good for one year. (There is no charge for Electrical or Plumbing contractors as they pay the State of Colorado.) License renewals are also $100.

Available Licenses:

  • Commercial Contractor - A (see note)  Performs new construction and additions of commercial buildings - ICC - G11
  • Commercial Contractor - B (see note)  Performs Tenant Finishes and Remodels, swimming pool spa of Commercial Buildings ICC - G12.
  • Residential Contractor - A (see note)  Performs new construction and additions of residential one- and two-family homes and townhouses. ICC - G13
  • Residential Contractor - B (see note)  Performs residential basement finishes, remodels and accessory buildings, swimming pool/spa. ICC - G13
  • Residential Contractor - C - Performs residential construction for decks, sheds, carports, pergolas, and small interior remodeling/handyman projects.
  • Trade Contractor - Performs work in the licensed trade - Roofing ICC-G15, Mechanical ICC-G29, plumbing, electrical, and solar State License or Equivalent.
  • Sign Contractor - Erection and installation of commercial signs.

(note) The contractor may perform work of any lower license type within their respective class of Commercial or Residential

  1. Building Assistance Guides
  1. Commercial Permits
  1. Residential Permits
  1. Building Inspections
  1. Water Meter Pick-up and Final 
  1. Water Meter Inspection Form