Transit Assessment

Project Overview

The Town of Berthoud recently completed a Transit Assessment, a planning-level study that evaluated possible transit service options and scenarios to address mobility challenges in the near- and long-term. 

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The Town’s population is forecasted to grow significantly, with additional residential development, commercial and retail development expected to continue in areas along US 287, near the I-25 interchange, and the 1st Street Innovation District. In preparation for this anticipated growth and as a follow-up to the adoption of the Comprehensive Plan, the Town initiated a transit to evaluate how to provide improved transit service to current and future residents, employees, commuters, and visitors.

The Transit Assessment summarizes the Town’s demographic characteristics and current travel trends, evaluates the operations of the Berthoud Area Transportation System (BATS) and the Rural Alternative for Transportation (RAFT), articulates the Town’s overall vision for transit service, and evaluates potential service scenarios for improving transit. The Transit Assessment was completed in consultation with a group of key local and regional stakeholders as well as with the community through community engagement.

The assessment recommends microtransit as the transit service model to best meet the mobility needs of the community now and into the future.

What is Microtransit?

Microtransit is a form of demand-response transit that leverages smartphone technology to match trip requests with available drivers in real-time, making the service exceptionally flexible and efficient. Microtransit fits somewhere between private individual transportation (cars, taxis, or ridesharing services) and public transit (bus). This type of service will improve the accessibility, flexibility, and efficiency of the Town’s current service.

Community & Stakeholder Involvement

Microtransit service has been successfully deployed in various rural and small-urban communities; numerous communities along the Front Range and in Colorado are evaluating the applicability of microtransit in their respective communities. 

The Town is currently coordinating with local and regional partners to advance the microtransit service recommendation. The Town is also researching and seeking funding opportunities at the state and federal levels.

Any project updates will be provided on this page.

Project Contact

For more information, please email Brian Dubois.