Transit Assessment

Project Overview

The Town of Berthoud is initiating a Transit Assessment to ensure current and future residents, employees, commuters, and visitors have access to an efficient and inclusive transit system to connect people to daily, essential, and recreational destinations in and around the Town and across the northern Front Range.

As the Town continues to grow and change, so will the need for connected and thoughtfully planned transit and mobility options. This assessment will develop an overall vision for transit and culminate in near- and long-term plans to guide the implementation of transit services and mobility options.

The Transit Assessment will inform how different transportation issues and challenges are addressed in the coming years and be a step towards ensuring that the Town is supported by the best suited transit and mobility options.

Project Schedule

The Transit Assessment is anticipated to take approximately ten months to complete and includes the following major phases:

Transit Assessment Project Schedule

The project team has developed a draft Existing Conditions and Emerging Trends report. This report, detailing information on existing transit services, demographic and employment travel pattern data, and emerging mobility trends, is now available for community review. Review the Transit Assessment Existing Conditions Report (PDF).

Currently, the project team is working on assembling an Operational, Finance, and Governance Assessment to ensure transit and mobility options grow alongside Berthoud to better meet community needs now and in the coming years.

Community & Stakeholder Involvement

The first phase of community and stakeholder engagement closed on December 30th, 2021. A wide range of community feedback was received online at the Berthoud Transit Assessment website and in-person at the grand opening of the Berthoud Recreation Center. Thank you for your participation and for sharing your vision of transit in Berthoud. Your input will inform service scenarios and future recommendations.

Please check the project webpage at the Berthoud Transit Assessment website to review a summary of the feedback as well as key findings from the first phase of public engagement. The summary report will be made available in the coming weeks.

Transit Services In & Around Berthoud

Did you know there are numerous existing transit providers that offer service in and around the Town of Berthoud? To learn more, read our Berthoud Transit Services Information (PDF).

Project Contact

For more information, please email Brian Dubois.