The Fickel Farmer's Market

In collaboration with Berthoud Local, the Town of Berthoud has agreed and is excited to take over Berthoud Local's Farmers Market. Berthoud Local has done an exceptional job building this amazing program, but as this program has grown, so has the requirements and time to manage it.  Given the resources the Town has, they will be taking over the operations of the program in 2023, and will still be offering a sustainable Farmers Market to the community.  

The mission of the Town of Berthoud's Farmers Market is to provide a space for our vibrant community of growers, producers, and makers by supporting, educating, and expanding sustainable agriculture. By facilitating this community resource, we strive to strengthen relationships between local food production and food consumers by educating, nourishing, and making local food accessible for all of our community. Join us every Thursday evening for some shopping and fun through the summer months.  

When:  Thursdays, June 8 - September 21
Where: Fickel Park
Time:    4 pm - 7 pm

Register between February 15 - May 31


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      Welcome to the Town of Berthoud's Farmer's Market! Please complete the below questions to register your business for one of our events. 

    1. Rules and Regulations
    • No signage shall impede or hide other spaces.
    • All tents must be securely weighted with a minimum of 20 lbs. at each corner to withstand rainy or windy conditions.
    • Booths must be removed, and space must be cleaned no later than one hour after closing the market. The vendor must collect all trash originating from your booth and remove it from the site when you leave.
    • Vendors may not break down before 7:00 pm unless you are out of product and have spoken to the Market Coordinator about your early departure.

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