Outdoor Rentals

The Town of Berthoud is home to many different parks, pavilions, athletic fields, and baseball fields. All of these can be rented Monday - Sunday for a set fee. Please see below for more information. 

Park Rentals

Resident Rate Full Day Non-Resident Rate
Full Day
Resident Rate
Half Day
Non-Resident Rate
Half Day
Fickel Park$80$95$40$47
Roberts Park$80$95$40$47
Railroad Park$40$55$25$32
Skate Park (Downtown)$80$95$40$47
Skate Park (Waggener Farm)$80$95$40$47

Full Day- 9am - 8pm
Half Day- 9am - 2pm / 3pm - 8pm
Roberts Lake includes a pavilion with your rental

Pavilion Rentals

Resident Rate
Full Day
Non-Resident Rate
Full Day
Resident Rate
Half Day
Non-Resident Rate
Half Day
Pioneer Park
3 available
Waggener Park$80$95$40$47
Waggener Pickleball $70$85$30$37
Roberts Park$40$55$25$32

Each pavilion has seating for 25 people. If you are interested in renting all three pioneer pavilions, the cost is $200, which includes a full-day rental.

Town Baseball Park View

Baseball & Athletic Field Rentals

The Town of Berthoud offers four baseball fields and three athletic fields. Patrons interested in renting one of our fields must choose from three times lots, 4-5:30pm / 5:30-7pm / 7-8:30pm. Complete a booking request today!


Parks and Pavilion Rentals

The Town of Berthoud offers 3 pavilions and 2 parks to rent for your next outdoor event. Pavilions seat 25 people, have electricity, and restrooms on a seasonal basis. Complete your Parks and Pavilion Rentals today

Pioneer trail

Special Events

Are you looking for a park that can host your next special event? Any event open to the public is classified as a special event and requires an application to be completed. Visit our special event permit page to get started. 

Picture of people playing pickleball

Pickleball Court Rentals

The Berthoud Recreation Center now offers six outdoor pickleball courts for patrons to reserve throughout the year. Complete a booking request today!

CANCELLATION POLICY: To receive a refund, customers must cancel seven days prior to their event. Any cancellation after this deadline will be subject to a $20 fee.

WEATHER POLICY: Refunds for special events or park/pavilion rentals will not be issued due to inclement weather.

Rental Policy

No vehicles are to be driven or parked on turf at any time.

Please note that there might be another rental after yours. Please pick up after yourself and leave the extra trash bags onsite as those are for the next rental. 

No stakes are to be driven into the ground for any reason without prior approval from parks staff which will be scheduled at registration.

Parks are available from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. A special permit is required for the consumption of alcoholic beverages during reservation. This permit can be obtained at Town Hall.

A noise ordinance is strictly enforced. Noise ordinances begin once streetlights turn on.

Any decorations hung must be done with removable non-marking tape.

All permits obtained for reservation must be available at the park site during the time of use by the patron.

Smoking of any kind is prohibited in all public parks.

Parks are open to the public during reservations.

Empty trash cans, electricity, and bathrooms are not guaranteed. Restrooms will be winterized between October 13th - May 8th of each year.