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Berthoud is a progressive community providing a quality of life enjoyed by past and present generations, while ensuring its position for the future within the dynamic Front Range economic corridor.

Berthoud provides a blend of graceful Victorian homes, new housing developments, tree lined streets, beautiful parks and an historic business district to create a warm, hometown environment.

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Fickel Park Arch Town of Berthoud

 Berthoud, Colorado is centrally located in the northern Front Range four miles west of I-25 on Highway 56 (Exit 250).






Jennifer Baker             820
Chris Buckridge           621
Michael Henning          565
Jeff Hindman               557
Dick Shepard               524
Dana Michael Foley       435
Thomas Jones              255
Jason Bridgeman           206

#241  Haworth Annexation       Yes     610
                                             No       885
#242  Future Annexations        Yes     899
                                             No       600


The current path is ‘unacceptable and unsustainable’

    “The first responsibility of a leader,” wrote author and Herman Miller founder Max DePree, “is to define reality.”

   At the Berthoud Town Board’s strategic-planning session on Feb. 15, members were encouraged by the facilitator to think as leaders in looking to the future of the community. The facilitator described leadership as “the art of inspiring strategic change.”

   The mayor and board members came to agreement about what they see as reality: “The status quo is unacceptable and unsustainable.”

   “There are a few vocal citizens who seem to want Berthoud to continue on the path it’s on,” says Mayor Pro-Tem Jan Dowker. “The reality is that to continue doing the same things in an environment of significant change has negative ramifications.”

   Those ramifications continue to build.

   “The Town is trying to do more with less,” says Town Administrator Mike Hart. “We are now feeling the repercussions from a 10+-year period when financial efficiencies gave way to short-term solutions. Hoping for a better tomorrow and not actually having a strategic plan to make a better tomorrow is usually a recipe for treading water at best.”

   For example, Hart says, there is demand for the Town to provide better streets, more outdoor family recreation and less expensive utilities but its ability to provide basic quality-of-life services diminishes daily.

   “Making the same kind of decisions now as we have in the past will just get us more of the same ramifications or worse,” Hart added.

   In a typical strategic-planning session, municipal leaders often think 10-15 years into the future to envision “clear pictures of a desired future.” Board members spent a few minutes at the planning session doing just that. But then the group agreed that the real point of emphasis for the foreseeable future is to “attain financial health” to the point Berthoud can pay its bills and eliminate the negative ramifications noted above.

   “We had a singularity of purpose that where we are now is unacceptable and unsustainable,” Mayor David Gregg said at the end of the session. “We as leaders have to have the courage to address this issue.”

   During the session the mayor, with agreement from fellow board members, developed the adjacent graph (click here to see graph). The left portion of the graph (titled “Present Path”) depicts the status quo and is “unacceptable and unsustainable” because expenses outweigh revenue more and more.

   The right portion of the graph (titled “Future Options”) will occur when Berthoud has the revenue to meet its commitments and can begin to view options for the future. The board chose to leave the visioning exercise for another time, after the Town has met its “Target,” depicted by a circle and is symbolic of when the Town has achieved basic financial health.

   This board’s one high-level objective is to “attain fiscal health,” depicted by the middle section (titled “Recovery”). There are decisions and actions (symbolized by the three numbered dots on the graph) the board and Town can take to reach that target.

   Among other things, the board believes the recovery must include decisions and actions to:

·         See some increase in population,
·         Increase sales tax proportional to the population growth,
·         Improve amenities,
·         Increase the number of jobs, and
·         Create an investment strategy and economic profile.

   These items above are not intended to create a sprawling Berthoud that would be unrecognizable. Board members believe these are the kinds of results necessary to “attain financial health” and break the downward spiral they say is “unacceptable and unsustainable.”

   The board understands the need to have effective communication with citizens in discussing these issues and will notify the public of plans to do that.

  At the end of the planning session, Mayor Gregg said, “I believe this is a rescue mission.”


Draft Comprehensive Plan Update 

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